Kifu Bonsai Awards

Kifu Bonsai Awards


The Kifu Bonsai Awards is a non-profit, annual and international web competition dedicated exclusively to bonsai trees measuring from 21 to 35 cm. The project is to create an annual virtual exhibition and give recognition to the best tokonoma with a kifu bonsai. A first jury will select the plants that will go on display (through a double-blind control procedure), while a second jury of international instructors will select the best kifu, which will become part of a historical archive of kifu bonsai. The competition is free, it is dedicated to all those who are passionate about this bonsai size and is open to all.

The Exhibition

You have from six months to one year to take 1 photo and 2 videos of your best tokonoma with a kifu bonsai. The web exhibition will be held on the platform of the Kifu Bonsai Awards for two weeks, at the end of which the internationally renowned instructors will select a first-place winner for the “conifers” section, one for the “deciduous” section, one for the “evergreen broadleaf” section. The prizes will be symbolic, but the winning bonsai will be entered in an archive visible on kifubonsaiawards.com.